Spirit Heroes

Your child can find learning about the Book of Mormon fun!

Sometimes the hardest thing about teaching kids important topics is that they find the topic boring. They wiggle and squirm because the'd rather be doing something fun.

Spirit Heroes collector's cards are the perfect solution to teaching little ones about the Book of Mormon. They can even calm the biggest wigglers in Sacrament Meeting!

Knowledge in three ways!

Your children will be able to learn about the Book of Mormon in up to three ways:

  • Children who can't read will love looking at the colorful pictures.
  • Beginning readers will spend hours pouring over the backs of the cards, learning about Nephi, Ammon, Captain Moroni, and all of the other important figures in the Book of Mormon.
  • Readers more familiar with the scriptures can look up key scripture references about the characters.

Whether your child is 3, 7, or 11, they'll find Spirit Heroes a diverting, fun way to learn about the heroes and the villains in the scriptures.

Collecting Fun!

Spirit Heroes come in packs of 10 random cards. Kids love to open the packs to see what cards they've gotten this time. It's exciting to check a card off of that check-off list, and even better to find that last, elusive card that completes your set.


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Opportunities to Teach

You can use the cards to teach in many ways:

  • At bed time, review one card. Show children the picture, and read the information on the back. In a week, show them the card and see if they can remember details about the person. Eventually, you will look at one new card and review one card each night.
  • As you study the scriptures as a family, use the cards as reminders about what you recently studied. Put them up on the fridge, or use them as bookmarks.
  • Create a folder with the cards in them. Let children look at and read the cards during Sacrament Meeting.

Teach the Who and the What

The people and places are important in the Book of Mormon, but they're not as important is the doctrine. Unfortunately, it's hard to understand the doctrine if you don't understand what's going on, and who is doing what. Spirit Heroes help little learners understand the who and the what, so they can understand the why and the how that much sooner.

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